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General Smallwood Sprint

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

June 14, 2015

Finish time: 1:39:12

AG- 3rd Overall- 20th

This was a tough race mainly because we just got hit with some awful heat waves (at 4:30 it was 80 degrees outside already). I signed up for this race to replace Rock Hall because I had to pull out due to being sick. This race was about 50 minutes south of DC and easy to get to. 

Swim: 19:21 We swam in a marina and the website boasts that it is a clean bay where bass fishing is big. This was by far my slowest swim ever. I don't know how or why it was so slow, but Ill say it was the heat. It was hot, the water was 84, and yeah it didn't go very well.  T1- 2:43 There was a long run from the swim exit to transition and I was blessed with a defective ankle strap that broke while taking off my speedsuit. Thankfully I had my spare in my bag next to my bike, so I lost a couple of seconds in transition as a result.  Bike: 51:03 The first half a mile was flat then straight up a hill and after that it was rolling hills throughout the remainder of the bike. It was not closed off to traffic but being an early Sunday morning race, there were not a lot of cars on the road. So a good portion of the time people were riding on the shoulder which was covered with debris. I did see a turtle on the shoulder though! during part of the race where there was no shoulder, we were shaded by the trees which I appreciated, but I was still dripping from the heat index. T2- :48 Because transition had a bunch of stones and gravel, I had to wipe my feet off. Then I threw on my shoes and went out. Not a big transition area which was nice. Run- 25:18 By the run, the heat was terrible. Again we had a steep hill the first mile and running with double the bras was tough during this race for some reason. The second mile was downhill which was nice and under the trees, the third mile was a mixture of a first hill and the second mile downhill. I was so happy to be done with the run. It was definitely slow for me. This race was ok, not my favorite (Rock Hall is my favorite), but it was convenient proximity wise to DC. Note to self, don't expect to do very well when the heat index is 90+ at 8 am.  Perks: after race food, the shade on the course Ehh...not a fan: The hills at the beginning of the bike and run, the gravel in the transition area, the medals were not very pretty, but the awards were nice.  Grade: C

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