Ft. Richie Sprint Triathlon

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Cascade, MD

August 5th, 2012

Sprint Distance

750 meter swim, 15 mile bike, 5k run

Finish Time: 1:35:57 Overall Place- 6th

AG Place 25-29- 2nd

“If God invented marathons to keep people from doing anything more stupid, the triathlon must have taken Him completely by surprise.”

Coach Tony says this is a B race… well after seeing the bike course, I knew this was going to be a B Race. To start, the race takes place on a deserted army base. So parts were a little creepy, the bike course was constant hills and 1100 feet of climbing, the run was hills and flats, the swim was in a man-made lake and sadly, non-wetsuit legal. So I knew in this race, a PR was not going to happen. But I went into it trying to improve my swim and transition times, which I did. I also went into this as a warm up for Nationals because if I can climb 1100 feet in 15 miles, and run up steep hills for 2 miles, Vermont should be a breeze.

The race was on Sunday and started at 7 so we drove out. It took only an hour, but we still had to leave the house by 4:45. There were about 300 people total for both the sprint and Olympic distance. But, of course, who do I run into but a lady I befriended at the rock hall race. It was nice to see a familiar face. Swim: 13:33 As I said the swim was not wetsuit legal, so the biggest problem I had was my legs sinking because I don’t like to kick much and instead use my upper body strength.  But otherwise my swim was a little faster, hoping to shave off at least 2 more minutes if possible for Nationals. T1: 50 My fastest transition time by far. Was it because of the lack of wetsuit or because I realized there is no need to dry off. Anyways very happy with my T1.  Bike: 55:30  This was one of the most challenging rides I have ever done. from the start its a straight uphill climb so my biggest problem was deciding whether or not to get out of the saddle. Thankfully there were flats and rollers but more hills than not. on one of the steepest hills and right at 1.5 miles in, I lost my water bottle. So I had to stop get it and quickly jump back on my bike and go up the hill. on the flats I was averaging my usual 20 mph, on the downhill I was at 38 and still had resistance while pedaling. crazy! then on the ups around 9 mph so I used the downs to try and make up as much time as possible. but sadly my bike time was much slower than usual. I was content with my pacing and powering through on the hills as I was able to pass many of the guys.  T2: :41  Back to my usual T2 time of less than a minute. it probably could have been faster if I didn’t get stuck behind some slow people entering transition. I also decided in this race not to wear socks and that was a good idea to practice here rather than at an “A” race. saved some crucial time too.  Run: 25:26 I wasn’t surprised by my slower run time because like I said the first two miles was up and flat and up and flat. so I was averaging between an 8-8:30 minute mile. But what goes up must come down so once I hit mile two I was able to get my mile time down to 6:30-7 because there was another incline thrown into the mix. But a good practice run because Nationals is a straight climb in the beginning as well.  The only thing I was disappointed with in this race was that there were no finishers medals. you only received one if you placed top 3 for your age group. I also did not like that we had to wait to get our bikes in transition until, after all, the Olympic distance runners came through because they started after the sprint and had a longer bike. however where the race was, they had a community center with showers so I was able to shower/waste time until I got my medal. Overall, it was run ok for a new race company. But still very challenging and tough course.

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