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Fort Desoto Duathlon

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Tierra Verde, FL  May 19th, 2013 Duathlon Run 1 MI, Bike 10 MI, Run 3.1 MI AG- 2nd Overall- 6th

As I am spending the summer in Florida Interning with Ironman I knew that I would have to change the location of my races from the Mid-Atlantic to the hot humid days of summers in Florida.  Since I was planning on racing this weekend up north I decided to find a race on the same weekend and I did. Fort Desoto triathlon and duathlon. I chose to do the Duathlon as I am not allowed to swim for 2-3 weeks and didn’t want to get rusty in my races. Overall it was a very nice race, located in a park so no traffic, but I could have done without the beach run. 

The race offered packet pickup the day before, but I just went the morning of. Fort Desoto was a precious little park off of the Sunshine Skyway which was seen from our bike course and was very pretty. The whole experience was easy except for the bugs. It was a balmy 76 degrees at 5 am when I left so that just meant it would be much hotter come race start. In preparation for this event I would go biking and running during the hottest parts of the day just so I could adjust to the heat in Florida since up in Maryland it was constantly changing.

The transition area was small but as expected since this was not a huge race, there was a minor problem with people checking in the morning as computers were down and of course my Garmin decided to die on me before the race even started so I did all of my stuff by just guessing my speeds/time in coordination with how I practiced in the week leading up.

Run 1: 6:12

I was rather shocked by this time, but I was running pretty fast. I am not sure if the distance was correct, but every other distance was on the course so maybe I really am just getting that much better. It was a quick run through the parking lot. All the while the Triathlon was taking place as well.

T1: 41

No wetsuit so it made transition times very easy. In and out.

Bike: 28:42

I was really pushing it since all we had to bike was 10 miles and I was clocking around 21 MPH. Not too shabby but I’d love to be able to average 22 or more if possible, maybe I should invest in a set of wheels soon 🙂

T2: 36

Quick and fast again but could have been faster. Had some issues putting on my shoes.

Run: 26:21

This part was rough. I was running pretty well on the last mile because that was on pavement. The first two was on trail and sand and should i say the trail was made out of sand so really it was sand for 2 miles and it wasn’t hard packed it was soft and squishy making running very difficult as in Maryland we don’t really practice running on sand. By this point, it was also much warmer out and it just made my times slow down immensely. By the last mile on the pavement, I was so pooped it was hard to kick it up and run faster. Overall: 1:02:33

Great race, except for the sand, find a better alternative, extra medals for those who placed, and a quick hour workout for me! Would definitely do this one again in august if I am around. Perks: well-contained course, beautiful bike views Ehh… Not a fan: the run, medals, post race food Grade: B-

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