Comfort zone Sublime Skin Eye patches

Eye patches and eye cream are necessary as you get older. It helps prevent under eye darkness, puffiness, sagging and tired looking eyes. If you find yourself in one of those categories I recommend trying Comfort Zone's Sublime Skin. I came across these products at a spa one weekend and fell in love. They work like a charm and I couldn't believe how fast.

Made with water which is crucial for most skincare products as we are looking to hydrate the skin, it is also made from ingredients of natural origin and a whole lot of peptides. The hydrogel mask provides immediate action on tired eyes. If you find yourself awaking in the morning after a long night or balling your eyes out at a movie (or life) it instantly gives you a renewed lightness decreasing wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. It is dermatological tested and it doesn't irritate the skin like some products do.

I would mainly use this product as a rescue remedy because of how expensive it is and that probably gets me to the point that is most important. For a pack of 6, you will pay close to $50 (on Amazon it is $46) which is why I don't buy it much because that is an obsurd amount of money to pay for a pack of 6. Not as bad as Guerlain's for $132 but still. If you are looking to spend the $$$, I recommend it.

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