Catching Covid Before International Travel

Well folks, it finally happened. I caught the 'vid. On May 15th, my symptoms began to develop. By Monday I was hacking up a lung and on Tuesday I felt the full onslaught of symptoms. Now I will say I wasn't extremely ill, but if it weren't for feeling super achy on Tuesday, I would have just assumed I caught a cold or my cough returned from when I was sick in April. I decided to take a test and boom, came back positive. Took another, Boom. The same thing happened. So for the entire week, I was coughing up a storm and blowing through tissues. The achiness went away by day 3 but I was still super congested.

Now for the unfortunate part. I was supposed to travel to Ireland on Saturday, May 21st. Clearly, that would not be within the 10-day window of traveling that the powers that be and my doctor recommended. So I moved my travel dates back so that I would be traveling on day 9/10. I had to do it this way because some airlines won't let you move your travel days back more than a day from the original departure date and I had to get special permission (after spending an hour on the phone with Delta).

During my travel I wore a mask, I stayed away from others as best as I could and I tested myself regularly. My only wish was that I would test negative before I was supposed to travel home.

At the time I wrote this, there were still rules in place about one needing to take a COVID test and testing negative in order to come back into the US or having a doctor's note stating that you already had COVID. So after calling my doctor I was able to get ahold of her and do a virtual visit where I explained when symptoms began, when I tested positive and how I am feeling now and she wrote my a note. Hopefully, I will not need to use this but if I do it will work because the last thing I want is to get stuck in another country because a test SOMEHOW came back positive. Fast forward to day 14 and I FINALLY tested negative even though I was no longer contagious.

So for those of you who come down with COVID before international travel or during, just note that you may be testing positive for 2 weeks from the day of first symptoms. Thankfully the testing requirement is gone for the US but just in case GET THAT DOCTORS NOTE. It may work, it may not, but its a good backup to have.

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