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What can I say. When you get older, your skin begins to age. You develop wrinkles and fine lines. But when you make a lot of expressions, those lines can develop even earlier and become even deeper. And if you are fair skinned and burn easily or don't use sunscreen every day, they can get worse. That is what happened to me. I noticed this especially when jerks would say to me, to fix my face because I would, without realizing it, be making expressions. The more I did it, the more my lines developed, and I HATED THEM. So on my quest to get rid of them, I decided to talk to my dermatologist about getting botox. She said that they would definitely help get rid of them and she was right.

Whenever someone thinks about botox, they think about how fake it can make your face look and the old days of it. But in reality it has changed so much and if you have a good dermatologist, it can look very natural to the point where many people wouldn't have even thought that I have been getting it.

I posted my before and after photos so you can see the difference and my after photos are 1 year in. I get botox injected in my forehead and my frown lines or as I call them, my 11's, because they look like the number 11. Yes you will have to go back every couple of months because the botox wears off, but IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY, that is all that matters. I go back every 3.5 months.

Now about botox and what to expect:

There are two "kinds" of botox: Botox and Dysport. With botox, you usually get lesser amounts of "units" injected whereas Dysport I believe is not as strong so you typically need more. Depending on where you live, Botox can range from 10-19 dollars a unit. Dysport costs less, BUT you usually need more units and friends of mine who have been quoted on Dysport, usually need WAY more units and it costs more. So I always recommend to get quoted on both. Botox can last for 3-4 months and I HAVE FOUND it does not hurt getting it injected. Now that could be different for others, but the needle is tiny and it's can feel like a little pinch.

You may develop a headache for the first couple of days post treatment, but it will eventually go away. This is because the toxins are freezing the muscles in your face for the first time, and the expressions that you used to make, you can't anymore. You will notice a difference about 2 weeks in and over the course of time will especially notice that those lines that were there, are now diminished. It has taken some time but now, the only lines I notice is one and it's when I am up close with the mirror and its very minimal. The rest are gone. Even the line I have had on my forehead from birth isn't visible. Choosing to do botox, has also as a benefit, minimized or gotten rid of my migraines. I used to get them every so often and since doing botox, they are gone.

Overall, botox has been one of the best things I have ever done. I had no majorly adverse side effects, it has smoothed out my skin and gotten rid of what I wanted for years to be GONE. If you are interested in botox, talk to your dermatologist.

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