Avoid These Mistakes In Transition

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

The transition area during a triathlon has become my area of domination. I am able to get in and get out very fast but still stay composed. I have been asked advice from many people so here you go. With my first triathlon of the season this weekend, I felt it would be best to provide those newbie triathletes with what to do and NOT to do to make for an easy transition experience.

  1. Make sure to deflate your tires if it is hot outside and you will be racking your bike overnight. Just like regular tires, the expand and contract based on the temperature. The last thing you want is your tires to blow up because it’s too hot out and you left your tires inflated to the max.

  2. Don’t rack your bike in the big gear. It will make getting on your bike and pedaling much more difficult. You don’t want to get to that point where you can’t move forward or worse something breaks or the chain falls off trying to change gears quickly. 

  3. Don’t be THAT person who brings everything into transition and leaves it there. No one appreciates being next to someone who brings in a full on bucket and suitcase. Bring a bag and put everything you need into it. Water bottles, gels, wetsuit, bike shoes, running shoes, sunglasses, helmet, and anything else you need. Do not bring a bucket to wash off your feet, that’s what a towel is for. It will make your area cleaner and more organized.

  4. Walk the transition area so that you know where your bike is. This will help trying to find it when coming out of the swim or when you are trying to find where your spot is once you are done with the bike.

  5. Don’t put your timing chip or your GPS watch over your wetsuit. I have made this mistake before and you don’t want to spend forever trying to get your arm sleeve off or losing your chip in the process. I have seen people forget their chip in transition because they put it on over their wetsuit. It works under the wetsuit! 

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