Apple Airtags

Yes I purchased them and I am very happy I did. Even if it caused minor stress making sure my bags made it home.

If you have been paying attention this summer, EVERYONE is traveling. Especially to Europe. The euro is pretty much equal to the dollar, COVID testing is pretty much over and well WE WANT TO TRAVEL. But the problem is, the excess traveling has caused a major baggage issue at the airports. Accompanied by residents of European countries who work or worked at the airport before the pandemic and have not all been hired back because they found other jobs or because they are on strike as they demand more money (PAY THEM). ANYWHOO, it has caused major problems at airports. Not enough baggage handlers, flight delays causing people to miss connections, it was a major cluster.

While traveling back from Ireland in May I began to experience these major delays in the form of check-in lines, security lines and customs. People were missing flights because of the long lines. As a result, if you miss your flight, they typically take your bag off the plane, creating baggage congestion at baggage claim. Plus if you have too many people traveling and not enough handlers, well you may not get your bag for hours.

Seeing as I was going to be traveling again in July and August I decided to get myself some Apple Airtags. They were all over the travel blogger websites and instas and for 30 bucks, it was the right move.

I was able to put them in my luggage, track where my bags were especially at baggage claim. Flying to the UK I brought my bike with me and it took a bit longer to get off the plane but I knew where it was and when it would be brought to me because of the Airtags.

Same with when shipping my bike home from France. I could track my bike to see where it was when the tracking number hadn't updated the location yet.

Overall, I will always fly with my Airtags because you never know when your bag may be "misplaced" or it doesn't make your connection. And, it's nice to know where your bag is if you are anxious about it not being put on the plane.

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