A Review of the FlipBelt

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

A new product that hit the running markets intrigued me to do a review of it. The FlipBelta running belt, that could honestly be worn for anything! The gym, out for a walk, Disney World, the sky is the limit!

The FlipBelt doesn’t bounce which is really nice and it fits well around the waist. Just be aware that it will slide up depending on the clothes you wear. You also need to bend over to put it on because it goes over your feet and then you have to pull it up. So if you prefer something easier like a buckle belt, then the FlipBelt is not for you.

It comes with an internal hook for your keys, and can be worn two ways, one where the pockets are on the outside, or you flip the belt inside out to where pockets are on the inside. The belt also comes in many different sizes depending on how big your waist is as well as different colors.

If you are interested in trying something new, the FlipBelt is a great option to run with and I recommend it to anyone trying to find a belt that does not bounce. The FlipBelt retails for $28.99 and you can purchase it here: FlipBelt

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