10 Pieces of Running Gear to Make Traveling Stress Free

Updated: Apr 27

When traveling to races, some of us tend to be concerned with what exactly we should travel with. Will everything that we forget be available to purchase at the expo? Yes and no. Running clothes are sometimes available as are shoes, but we do not recommend buying new clothes to run in on race day. Plus, we hope you already have a race day outfit picked out so that you look good in your race day photos!

But when it comes to other gear, we have the tendency to not think twice about it because we are too concerned with the necessities. So to make your recovery easier and your race day pain-free, here is a list of 10 products that you should always travel with.

  1. Compression socks– Feetures has some great compression sock options to wear while traveling

  2. Body Glide– Make sure you keep that chafing at bay with Body Glide’s long list of products

  3. Rad Roller– To prevent soreness, pack your Rad products to roll out your muscles post-race. Easy to travel with and small.

  4. Nutrition products like Honey Stinger- Yes you can purchase this at the expo, but you do not know if they will have your favorite flavors or products you trained with.

  5. Sunglasses- Necessary if it’s sunny or rainy.

  6. Visor/Hat- If you don’t wear sunglasses and want to keep the sweat out of your eyes, don’t forget a hat!

  7. Running Belt or armband- To carry your nutrition, phone, keys and anything else you need before, during and after the race.

  8. Water bottle- For those who prefer to run with their own liquids.

  9. Moisture-wicking underwear and Sports Bra for the ladies- Just because

  10. Tech Products: GPS Watch, headphones, heart rate monitor- Who doesn’t run with a watch to check their pace, time or heart rate these days?

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